2023 Giving Commitment

Westminster Friends,

Gratitude. Praise. Appreciation. Thankfulness.

These words cut directly to the point of why we give to the mission and service of Westminster Presbyterian Church. As we begin our 2023 Stewardship Season, I want to share that our Stewardship Committee has decided on a new encouraging Stewardship theme: “Thanks Westminster.”

“Thanks Westminster” is a reminder that we are all grateful for the ways our church family supports one another through the sharing of time, talents, and financial gifts. “Thanks Westminster,” is another way of saying, “Thanks Be to God,” for the gift of God’s grace that invites our response of faith, service, and giving. On this Stewardship page, you will find three documents to help prepare the way for your giving in the coming year. First is this introduction. Second is our 2023 “Dream Budget” shared in a new way, but I’ll say more about that below. Third is a pledge commitment form that allows you to share your financial giving commitment for 2023.

This year’s new “Dream Budget” document is a simple version of what is often called a Narrative, or Storytelling, Budget. A Storytelling Budget can help us see beyond numbers to impact, or more specifically, how your pledge of 2023 giving support will help us sustain and grow our mission and service as a church in 2023. Each category on the following page reflects one of our Vision Statement goals: “To expand our lives in faith, connect people deeply, and make a difference through service,” and each includes 2022 highlights plus a hope or two for 2023. This Storytelling Budget style is intended to help us see how funds that fall under our Personnel budget pay for salaries of staff who might preach a sermon, organize the Confirmation journey, guide youth on a mission project or trip, pay a snow removal invoice, take a visitor to coffee, pray with a member before surgery, set up Fellowship Hall for a local non-profit board meeting, conduct Wednesday choir practice, or baptize your child or grandchild during Sunday morning worship.

This year I hope you will see that a pledge to give to our budget will enable us to continue the good we do and live into big new dreams. I hope that you will consider your pledge prayerfully and with discernment, following the Holy Spirit’s leading as you see our dreams for following God’s call in 2023. As we prepare for a vibrant and hope-filled 2023 as a church family, let us give thanks to God first, along with thanks to one another, for the generosity that sustains and supports our life of faith together.

Thanks Westminster,

Rev. Chris Peters

Head of Staff / Senior Pastor

Download your 2023 Giving Commitment Pledge Card

Download the Stewardship “Thanks Westminster” PDF

In scripture, 2 Corinthians 9:9 reminds us “God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly.”

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