Westminster Home

Westminster Home

AV Volunteer: See information here: AV VOLUNTEER PDF

Front Desk Volunteers: The church reception desk volunteers provide coverage for 4 hours a day Monday through Friday answering the phone, greeting visitors, taking packages, sorting staff mail, fielding simple questions from visitors or phone calls and transferring calls to the appropriate staff member.  They also do short tasks for Joanne, Executive Administrator. Each volunteer is assigned days to works 4 hour shifts a couple of times a month.  Current need is for substitutes for when regular volunteers can not take their shift. Contact Susie Hughes at skh@eskays.com

Chancel Guild: Contact Diana Wild at diana.wild@hotmail.com

Landscapers: When you take a serious look, the Westminster footprint starting at Sheridan and South reaching all the way to 27th is really quite large. There are lawns, trees, flower beds, a prayer garden and parking divider strips. They all need care. All the landscaping labor is done by volunteers. Sometimes group work days are planned and there are also some faithful folks who pop over and work an hour or two independently. if you want some guidance to work alone, or want to be invited to special clean up events, contact Tom Pappas, tpappas@windstream.net or 402-202-4454.

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