WPC Food Pantry

Food Pantry


Westminster Presbyterian Church Food Pantry 

Our Westminster Food Pantry has been moved, and we are so excited about this new location. We are now in Room 210A, located by the nursery. The collection box is now located in the main office.


So many of you have asked questions about the pantry and how it is organized. Our Westminster Food Pantry was established in 1992 and has been an ongoing project under the supervision of the Outreach Committee. The pantry provides food for one family of four, two families of three, and three families of two. The People’s City Mission provides us with a list of items that are packed each week. Currently 270 items are packed weekly!

We follow that list; however in some months we have had to spend over $1,000 on groceries to meet the need. We purchase our groceries at a reduced price at Leon’s, and they also deliver. We really appreciate monetary gifts. Remember to write Westminster Food Pantry at the bottom of your check.

In the past year Southview Christian Church has joined us and provided food. The two coordinators of the pantry are Marilyn Smith and Nora Hinrichs. They supervise the collection of donations, work with volunteers, and stock the shelves every week. We have 13 teams of packers that pack on a rotating basis. Every Tuesday a man from People’s City Mission collects all our boxes and delivers them to the Mission. Because of the huge demand for food a family is able to receive a box every other month.

For 27 years you have provided groceries, volunteered, and financially supported this wonderful mission. Westminster’s goal is to be “Spiritually Alive, Broadly Inclusive, and Growing in Mission.” It is hoped that the food pantry contributes to the fulfillment of this goal.


This is a list of what the food pantry uses each week.

WPC Food Pantry Food Shopping List:

10 rolls of toilet tissue

6 bottles of pancake syrup, 24 oz.

9 bars of hand soap

6 boxes of oatmeal, 18 oz.

6 bags of sugar, 2 lb.

6 jars of peanut butter, 16 oz.

14 cans of Spaghettios, 16 oz

16 boxes of mac and cheese, 7.25 oz.

7 cans of stew (or chili), 15 oz.

37 cans of vegetables, 15 oz.

15 cans of pork and beans, 16 oz.

7 packages of spaghetti, 16 oz.

13 boxes of Jello, 3 oz.

6 boxes of pancake mix, 32 oz.

6 boxes of dry breakfast cereal

6 bottles of cooking oil, 16 oz.

6 boxes of soda crackers, 16 oz.

7 packages of rice, 1 lb.

 6 packages of dry noodles, 1 lb.

19 cans of tuna, 5 oz.

28 cans of canned fruit , 15 oz.

6 boxes of instant potatoes, 15  oz.

22 cans of soup, 15 oz.

6 cans of spaghetti sauce, 24 oz.

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