Volunteer Opportunities

Westminster Presbyterian Church Volunteer Opportunities

Why volunteer? You go to church nearly every Sunday. Perhaps you attend midweek services, pay your tithes, and give offerings. Why would you need to volunteer?

One of the reasons for church volunteerism is that it causes you to grow closer to others who are grounded in your church and helps you connect to the church body. When you join as an usher and greet people for service and help them learn more about the church, become an assistant and help teach the younger children, or spend part of your Friday cleaning the foyer, you begin to learn more about the people you’re working alongside. After all, we are to know those who labor among us. You also begin to care more about the things you’re involved with and understand more about the church.

Volunteering in church benefits members of the congregation and the church itself. When we volunteer at church, we are serving others. We are welcoming people, teaching kids, and loving others. When we do these things for people, we are ultimately doing it for God.

In short, volunteers are vital to a healthy church.

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