Children’s Ministry


Children’s Ministry

Recent research shows the brains of infants form one million new synapses per second.
Astonishing, isn’t it? Now ask yourself, “What goes into those storage bins for information?” Well, that is up to their parents. Will their minds be filled with spiritual junk food? Random images of violence? Or will their minds be filled with images of faith, hope and love? We’re advocating for the grace and goodness of Jesus Christ.

To be a parent is to be a spiritual guide. We are here to walk with you and to provide backup. Every week we reinforce our faith stories and give experiences of God’s love. We are not afraid of the Bible— but God gave us minds to risk interpreting the Bible. This is a creative process. We offer lots of options and support on the journey.

Virtual Chapel Chats with Ms. Rachel & Sing-A-Long Songs with Rev. Dr. Jimmy Shelbourn

Click here for Chapel Chat Lessons:

And watch Rev. Dr. Jimmy Shelbourn’s first Chapel Chat Virtual Home Sing-a-long here!

Watch Rev. Dr. Jimmy Shelbourn’s second Chapel Chat Virtual Home Sing-a-long here! 

Baptism Training

When your child is born, your world is changed forever. You want her or him to be welcomed into the family of God. We baptize children on Sunday morning, so all the relatives can be there. We are inclusive from the very beginning. The pastor will spend an hour or so with you beforehand, to help you think about your role and your relationship to Christ as your child’s spiritual guide.


Our little ones will hear Bible stories here because you just can’t start too soon. They will engage in active play with age appropriate toys for motor skill development. Snacks are provided, with parental guidance. Our professional nursery staff provides a safe and loving place so parents can take part in worship, adult education and fellowship activities. Sundays from 7:45 to 11:45 am, infants—birth to 18 months, are cared for by adults, while toddlers—18 to 36 months, are cared for by adults and youth volunteers. Nervous parents find themselves astonishingly calm when they check out a pager to stay in direct contact with preschool staff.

Classes for 4 & 5 year olds

Preschool classes teach Bible-based stories of God and God’s People using a wide range of activities: stories, songs, crafts and games. Children gather in worship and after the children’s conversation are escorted to Sunday School | Room 210. Contemporaneously, parents are free to experience worship. Bring your brood. Loving teachers are standing by.

Faith Village | Kindergarten-5th grade

Faith Village— this is NOT your parent’s Sunday School. There’s no passively sitting around quietly with hands folded. This is active, engaged, and experiential growth. God created us with multiple intelligences, and we nurture them all. Each week is different. Inside of a reconstructed Bible village, workshops include: Drama Camp, Arts, Music, Games, Science, Computer, Cooking, Theater, and Storytelling. Children don’t just learn a Bible story they are in the story. Most of all, in Westminster’s Faith Village, children experience the love of God. The Village gathers at 10:30 am in worship, and, after the Children’s Conversation, we regroup in the lower level.

Westminster Preschool

We don’t want to brag…  so we will just say, Westminster Preschool is the only church preschool in the city that is NAEYC accredited. Feel free to look up what that means— it’s pretty cool. And, thus far, Westminster is the only Preschool in the state of Nebraska to have achieved level 5 in the Step Up to Quality rating! When social scientists do studies measuring the impact of high quality preschool education on children 20 years later, this is the kind of quality education they are talking about. We serve children 3 to 5 years old. Register early— like when your child is born. It will be worth it.

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