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Ash Wednesday

Virtual Ash Wednesday

03 Feb 21
Tracy Hoffman

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Ash Wednesday Virtual

Plans are being made to have a virtual YouTube service for Ash Wednesday, February 17.  To include the tradition of having ashes on the forehead as a sign of our mortality and our hope in Christ’s resurrection, Elder Tom Pappas has burned palm fronds from last Palm Sunday.  Members can pick up an envelope with a pinch of these ashes to use with family members for the virtual service.  They will be available inside the east doors.

If you prefer, email Pastor Jimmy (jimmy@westminsterlincoln.com) or leave voice mail 402-475-6702 and he will send you an envelope of ash.  During the service, you will be instructed on how to incorporate the ashes in your worship.  If you have another source of ashes, like from a fireplace, you may use those as well.

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