Middle School

Remember back to those warm wonderful years of acceptance and love in Middle School? Right. No one does. These can be difficult years for many kids – about as much fun as the zombie apocalypse. They need a safe place. Our Middle School class and youth group are friendship groups where middle schoolers experience fun, love and acceptance. And they learn, in the challenging new world of Middle School, that God’s love applies to them.



One of our college professors noticed that by the time many typical students got to college, they did not have enough solid religious education to defend themselves from the kind of challenges put out by atheists or fundamentalists. So we wrote our own confirmation curriculum that prepares our youth for college. Which is remarkable, because confirmation includes 8th and 9th grade students. It is a two year class so the students can explore our faith broadly and deeply. It includes two retreats per year, because they develop remarkable friendships out in the woods. Along the journey of this class, they write a statement of faith that articulates what they believe. Those who choose, join the church as full members.


Senior High

High School is a time of growth, challenge and change. We offer multiple options. Sunday morning Seminar. Evening Senior High Youth Group. Short term mission trips. And an opportunity to go on a youth Pilgrimage to our sister church near Dresden, Germany. We are a place of acceptance that is different from other places. Located in the heart of Westminster, we are black, white, gay, straight, religious and ridiculously fun. We offer a progressive education with an emphasis on the great themes found within religion, such as love, justice, peace and forgiveness, where the truth within a story is more important than the truth of a story.

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