Because it is difficult under emotional stress to plan wisely, Christians are encouraged to discuss and plan in advance the arrangements which will be necessary at the time of death. Christian options include cremation, burial or donation for medical purposes. Arrangements should be simple and should bear witness to resurrection hope. Westminster has been inspired to open a church columbarium as one faithful symbol of this hope.

The image of names inscribed on a foundation wall shows that even in its earliest days, it was important to the church to honor the people who had led the way. This type of remembrance has been carried forward through the establishment of what churches call a columbarium. It is a final resting place for cremated bodily remains.

The columbarium is symbolic in a number of ways. In honoring the faithful saints who have shared their spiritual gifts with us, we also are inspired to live in response to Christ.


The individual niche dimensions are: 8 3/8″ wide by 12″ deep by 11″ high
Each niche can accommodate either one or two metal urns.
The full name of the deceased, with the years of birth and death, will be engraved on the face of the urn.
The inscription on the plate which seals the niche will include the name(s) of deceased and the date(s) of birth and death.
Flowers and fresh plant material will be allowed to be placed in the columbarium area.
Priority for purchasing niches shall be given to members of Westminster Presbyterian Church, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Payment Options

To be paid at the time of purchase.

Contribution Niche Engraving Total
Plan A:

$3000 $250 $500 $3750
Plan B:

$3150 $250 $500 $3900 in three yearly payments ($1300, $1300, $1300)
Plan C:

$3250 $250 $500 $4000 in five yearly payments ($800, $800, $800, $800, $800)

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