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Adult Education Forum

For us, the Bible does not stop the discussion— it opens our minds and hearts to God’s living presence. Faith is not a decision— it’s a journey. The resurrection of Jesus is not just about life after death— it’s about life before death. Jesus wanted us to receive more than grace— he came to bring us grace upon grace. We study the Bible and faith issues to see what new reality Christ is revealing to us.

Westminster is a place where you don’t have to give in to simple answers or check your mind at the door.  Take a look at the range of topics we have covered in the past few years.  It is astounding. To name just a few of the recent topics: Civility. Public Education. Hunger. Torture. Stewardship of the Earth. Gay Marriage. Interfaith Relationships. God’s Passion for Justice. Immigration. World Religions. On complex issues, we definitely don’t all agree on the answers, but our core values include dialogue, respect, civility, and intelligent exploration.

Many of our Adult Education Seminars happen on Sunday mornings at 10:40 AM. Others happen at other times and different places.  The Vine, The Messenger (Newsletter section of the website) and the Events Calendar will provide you with the available courses scheduled for this month.

And by the way, we also have groups that engage in Bible study.  Some of them are short term— a few weeks.  And others have been meeting for over twenty years.  Depth is a way of thinking about God— especially in deep study of the Bible. Watch our events calendar to find out when & where some of these studies are taking place.

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