The Foundation

About the Westminster Foundation

The Westminster Presbyterian Church Foundation (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA) was founded in 1955. Its work is an integral part of the life of Westminster. Its purposes are two fold:

  • To aid Westminster by the solicitation of gifts, grants, and bequests of both real and personal property to the Foundation.
  • To accept the above gifts and, in turn, hold and administer them as trustee for the use and benefit of the Church.

The Westminster Presbyterian Church Foundation is the union of many gifts – small and large – held in trust and managed by the Foundation Board of Trustees for the benefit of Westminster, its programs and properties.

The Foundation is administered by a Board of Trustees consisting of members of the church who are elected by the congregation to three year terms. Current members are:

  • 2017 – Jim Nissen, Lillie Larsen
  • 2018 – Marilyn Maude, William Roper
  • 2019 – Nancy Dawson, Ross McCown
  • 2020 – John Hoppe Jr., Marijane Hancock
  • 2021 – Harry Seward Jr., Jim Smith
  • 2022 – Joyce Douglas, Mark Whitehead
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