If your question is not answered below or if you would like more information, contact the church office at (402) 475-6702.

How do I join Westminster?

Come have Sunday lunch with us at our next “Journeying Together” session, held regularly throughout the year. These luncheon classes offer you the opportunity to join in study, fellowship, prayer and self discovery, as well as learn more about the Presbyterian Church and the ministry of Westminster. To find out about the next new member class, contact Marge Tomlinson in the church office.

How do I make arrangements to get married at Westminster?

The first step is to call or visit the church office and consult with Marge Tomlinson, Westminster’s administrative secretary.  A helpful brochure entitled Steps For Planning a Wedding is available upon request.

What do I do to get my child baptized at Westminster?

The first step is to contact Marge Tomlinson, Westminster’s administrative secretary. She can inform you of the upcoming baptism dates (usually the second Sunday of the month) and register the infant, child, youth or adult to be baptized. A required baptism training session is held 10 days to two weeks prior to the baptism date.

How can I contact a minister for guidance and counseling?

Please contact the church office and a staff member will help you get in touch with a minister or the director of Westminster’s care-giving ministry. You can also contact the church by submitting this online form.